The Rhodesian Ridgeback is not the dog that can appeal to all types of dog lovers or pet lovers in general. However, for those who would like to have this type of dog, it can be a great match to have a owner who can complement to the extreme characteristics that this dog has.

To a person who would just like to adopt a rescue dog, this might seem to sound overwhelming. However, a Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue dog has some qualities that can really work for certain dog lovers and home owners which in turn, can lessen the incident of rowdy behavior for the dog and the unpleasant response that the owner may have for the dog. To learn more about this type of dog and why the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue works for some pet lovers, here are the temperamental characteristics of this specific breed and the type of homeowner which can work best for the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Characteristics of The Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is generally a gentle and calm dog. With its strong features and strong stance, you can expect it to be a totally aggressive dog. However, it is actually a dog which can adapt to its environment. It can be as calm as the surroundings that it is in.

The downside with a Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue dog is that it can be aggressive to strangers and to other people who are smaller than him or her. It is an ideal watchdog, but it certainly not an ideal dog if you are fond of having people around at home quite often. This type of dog does not also thrive well in small spaces, so homeowners with an open ground would work better for this type of dog. 

Who’s the Best Master for a Rhodesian Ridgeback                                         

The ideal master for a Rhodesian Ridgeback is someone who can take control of the dog more than the dog can take control of him or her. The master should also be well informed with this dog breed and has enough space in their home to make the dog live without any limitations in their home.

Rescuing a Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue dog may not bid well for everyone, but it can work great for those owners who would like to have an independent dog who can also appreciate the love and care given to it. Indeed, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is not just like any other dog breed that you may have.