Rhodesian Ridgeback is a very loyal and adorable dog. Formerly, it is known as the African Lion Hound and now, it is generally known as lion dog or guard dog because of its nature to protect. Originally, this breed of dog is a native of South Africa. They are used to help in hunting in the wild. Later on, Reverend Helm brought two of the breed in Rhodesia and it soon reproduced. American Kennel Club recognized its breed in 1955.

It is a large and sturdy dog which is equipped in field tasks and is also a good security at home. It knows when to behave and when to bark if necessary. It has athletic physical built and at the same time, it is mans best friend at home. They only require seasonal baths because they have short coats and usually clean all the time. Because they are naturally athletic, the owner needs to spend some time with the dog in outdoor activity or for a walk in the park to ensure that his health and stamina will remain in good condition. Their socialization with a group of people in a house and its large body built calls for a Rhodesian Ridgeback Training to ensure that it will not go out of control of the owner, and avoid any harm to the household.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Training is necessary because Rhodesian Ridgeback has, by its nature, desire to lead in any situation. The training will let the dog realize that he is a follower and that there is a leader that he needs to follow, which in this case, is the owner. They will easily learn this by developing a habit at home that requires the dog waiting before being given of what it wants.

Rhodesian Ridgeback is naturally harmless to people but because of its large size, it can cause injury to someone it plays with, or with the owners property per se. Because of its large size, it can cause accident at home if not observed by the owner. As a result, it can accidentally hurt someone due to excitement or playfulness. As a Rhodesian Ridgeback Training, the owner should teach the dog to behave in places of the house where it may naturally break something. Also, children should be warned beforehand to avoid too much of the play. Here are some other Rhodesian Ridgeback Training tips that can help the owner teach the Rhodesian Ridgeback. The key for the dog to follow is through waiting. Never let the dog eat while the owner is eating. Instead, let the dog wait until the owner and his family is done. This way the dog will know that they take precedence over him. Also, do not let the dog get out of the house past the owner. The owner should always lead going in or out. Lastly, use an authoritative and commanding tone in addressing dog issues. This way, the dog will recognize the sound on when to behave and when to stop. Rhodesian Ridgeback Training is just easy. The owner only needs to develop the habit to its dog.